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Business Insights

Feb 10

Biggest Concerns a Buyer Of Your Business Will Have

We speak and meet with small business owners on a regular basis.  Being privy to their successes, their failures and their fears is something that I truly treasure.  As a trusted business advisor, a large part of our responsibility is sharing the years of knowledge and experience that we have... read more →
Nov 20
Nov 15

Preparing Your Company for Sale

“When should I start to prepare my company for sale?” When small business owners ask me this question, my reply is almost always the same. If it is a start-up business, the answer is “the day you open your doors“. If you purchase an existing business, the reply is “the day you... read more →
Sep 15

A Seller’s Regret

Valuing any business truly is an art and not an exact science.  It is quite possible for 2 people to come up with a valuation for a business that varies by 30% or more and they could both be right. How could that be?????  The answer to that question leads... read more →