ACG NJ Embraces the Spirit of Giving

ACG NJ embraces the spirit of giving as we celebrate the season at our annual holiday breakfast meeting on December 10. This year we have the power to help and support the Seeing Eye, another worthy organization. to add to the fun we have set a $5,000 target which gives us the ability to name a puppy. As a priemiere business association with a meaningful presence in New Jersey, collectively we can raise money to support their mission of providing Seeing Eye dogs to people who are blind and visually impaired. Help us help them by donating now. All donations are welcome and you will be invited to submit a name within the criteria we are given once we hit our target. Just click on the “give now” button.
voting for the name will be earned as follows:


$ 50 donation 1 vote
$100 donation 3 votes

Bonus votes:

Join ACG NJ from 10/15-12/10 2019 and make a $ 50 donation 1 bonus

New ACG NJ sponsor or additional sponsorship $$ get 2 bonus votes for every $1,000 with $100 donation or more